Computed Gunsights and Bombsight

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Once you learn how to fly the plane, hitting your target is one of the hardest things to learn.  To help with this, Aces High has a "Lead Computing Gunsight".  You can set this up in the Offline Practice arena, or in a custom arena.  

With the regular gunsight, you see something like this.
This is an FW 190D at a distance of  approximatly 400 yards.
Lead gunsight off
If you hit the Tab key, you get something like this:
The cross shows where you should aim to hit the target.  The system shows you how far to lead the target to get a hit. If the cross is red or yellow, you are too far away.  The cross turns green when you are in range.

Sometimes you may see two crosses.  This can happen if you have two types of guns.  The lead for one gun may be different than the other gun.  The lead for a 30 cal. gun will be different than the lead for a 30 mm cannon.

Note: This is not available in the main arenas. This is only for training.
Lead sight on

This feature is not on automatically.  You have to go into the arena settings and turn if on before you can use it.

Start by pulling up the clipboard, and clicking Options
On the next screen, click Arena Setup
On the next screen, click Environment
Next, click Arena Settings
Here is where it can get a little tricky.

In the upper section, scroll down until you find FlightModeFlags.
Double click on FlightModeFlags to open the next window.

(I couldn't get a screenshot of the next screen, sorry).  The next screen will be a number of check boxes to turn certain features on or off.

Click "Lead Computing Gunsight" to put a checkmark in the box, and turn this feature on.

There is also a checkbox for "Dive Bombsight" which will tell you where your bombs will hit when divebombing, and "Precision Bombsight" which will do something similar for bombsights in bombers.

Use these features to help you learn how far to lead your target.  Remember, this will not be available in the main arenas.  This is only a training aid.